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Earth Day

Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. As the urban population grows and the effects of climate change worsen, our cities have to evolve.

It’s time for us to invest in efficiency and renewable energy, rebuild our cities and towns, and begin to solve the climate crisis. Over the next two years, with a focus on Earth Day 2014, the Green Cities campaign will mobilize a global movement to accelerate this transition. Join us in calling for a new era of green cities. 

To learn more, visit the Earth Day website.


Scanning electron micrograph of MRSA (green) being engulfed by white blood cell. This process is known as phagocytosis, and is a form of endocytosis. Receptors on the white blood cell bind to ligands on MRSA in a zip like fashion until they completely surround the target. The foreign body can then be internalised and degraded.

(Image source: Flikr)

Cell mediated immunity:

This video gives a brief overview of the how cell mediated immunity in the body is activated, and the processes that occur once it happens. Cell mediated immunity is the branch of the immune system that involves lymphocytes (B and T cells). T cells are involved in the recognition and destruction of infected cells whereas B cells mature into plasma or memory cells and are involved in the production of antibodies. 

Thaumoctopus mimicus, better known at the Indonesian Mimic Octopus, is one of the best masters of disguise in the entire animal kingdom. There are many organisms that have evolved to look like a predator in order to be protected by association, but they are all pretty much confined to looking like just one thing.

The octopus is able to morph itself to resemble 15 other organisms, including flounders, stingrays, snakes, and lionfish. This doesn’t just include configuring its legs in a convincing way, but it can transform its color and behavior at the drop of the hat so it is best equipped to handle whatever dangers arise.

(Source: IFLS website)

ewnor asked:

Your post about drinks under a microscope caused one of my friendship. I thought I was the only girl in my class who loved weird sciencey stuff, and I felt a bit alone because of that feeling. However, a girl in my project group wanted to proscrastinate and begun to show me stuff on Tumblr, and showed me your post (that I'd already reblogged), and we begun a long conversation about fun sciencey stuff, and so that's how I became friends with a fellow science girl =)

Awww that’s a lovely message! Thanks for that that made our day! Actually that’s how me and Sam became friends because we both were (still are) cray cray about science and generally. Treasure your fellow nerd, have a great day. x


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